About me

I am Jonathan (Jon) Naylor and I have lived in the Varsity View community for many years. My two daughters went to Brunskill School. Our family works close to our Community and we see first hand the many great great facets of our neighborhood.

I have a long history of community service. I spent 10 years in scouting as my two older boys grew up. Recently I am heavily involved in community building, for 8 years I have served on the board of the Varsity View – Grosvenor Community Association. For the past 4 years I was President of the Association.

By profession, I am a veterinarian. My jobs have taken me around the world. I came to Saskatoon as a Professor at the University. I spent a lot of time helping farmers find better solutions to their disease problems, including calf scours for which one cause, interestingly, is a coronavirus (distantly related to COVID). I also improved learning by developing new teaching methods. We did a stint in the Caribbean which gave us a new view on diversity. Then we returned to Saskatoon where I worked as a country vet and presently as an instructor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Hobbies and Random Family


Random Family
Hobby: Photography
Hobby: African Cichlids